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Learning through play,

Playing to learn.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys




Comprehensive speech and language evaluations include review of records, parent/caregiver interview, observation, informal assessment measures, and standardized evaluations. A written evaluation report with results and recommendations will be provided to the family following the evaluation. Evaluations are generally scheduled for 2 hours.


30 and 60 minute individual treatment sessions are designed to address your child’s specific speech and/or language needs. Treatment plans are individualized, while supported by research to ensure implementation of the most effective strategies. Parent training and education, as well as home program activities will also be provided in an effort to reinforce the strategies practiced within therapy sessions, at home.


30 and 60 minute consultations are available to help provide support to parents/caregivers by discussing and interpreting school-based intervention including Individualized Education Programs (I.E.P.s), eligibility paperwork, and assessment summaries. Consultations also offer assistance to parents/caregivers as they are navigating the implementation of therapeutic strategies in their homes, while engaging siblings and other family members as a support system. Consultations are tailored to each family’s individual needs.

Guest Speaking

Abby is passionate about speech and language development in children, as communication is the root of social interactions and connections with others. She is available as a guest speaker at preschools, mom groups, pediatrician offices, or any other group setting you may have in mind.  

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