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  • grassroots

            grass·​roots | ˈgras-ˌrüts 

1: the very foundation or source

Grassroots Therapy Solutions was established as a result of Abby's passion and philosophy in providing quality and effective speech and language therapy.  She believes that speech and language development in children is a necessity, as communication is at the root of social interactions and connections with others. Identifying and addressing the essence of a child's delay or disorder establishes the groundwork from which change can be made. Abby promotes treating the whole child and supporting the family as a system.


After 15 years of serving children and their families, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Abby has taken her experiences from school-based and outpatient therapy to create her vision of private therapy services with Grassroots Therapy Solutions. Abby is dedicated to bringing forward the most positive, functional, and evidence-based therapeutic models in the field to her clients. She believes in maintaining a focus on communication goals and strategies that are practical and purposeful, and are presented in organic ways. With that, collaboration with parents, caregivers, and family members is essential to ensure the carryover of the therapeutic strategies across settings and into the child’s natural environment. This relationship and alliance with the child and his/her family is at the foundation of Abby’s therapy at Grassroots Therapy Solutions.


Abby also appreciates the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other members of the child’s treatment team, including but not limited to, primary care providers and specialists, occupational or physical therapists, school-based speech therapists, ABA therapists, and teachers. Development is continuous, gradual, and often sequential. Knowing this, Abby considers the expertise and partnership from all team-members involved to create the child’s plan of care to be personalized and tailored to meet that individual and family’s needs. This relationship with the child’s team and network of professionals plays a supporting role in therapy Abby provides at Grassroots Therapy Solutions.


At the most basic level, Abby’s goal is to be in the dirt discovering the root of how to cultivate your child’s speech and language development. Grassroots is where things begin and from which place your child’s communication can grow.

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